How can i obtain Free Amazon Gift Cards from this website?

We made it really easy for you to obtain gift cards from our site for free, all you have to do is scroll down and click on a gift card with desired value, then you will have to complete a spam check in order to verify that you are not a bot, after completion of the spam verification you will receive your  Amazon Gift Card code to your email you entered after the completion of the spam verification.

How do i redeem the Amazon Gift Card code i obtain after completing the verification?

To redeem your Amazon Gift Card code you obtained visit the official Amazon website, go to Account & Lists, then click on Redeem a Gift Card and there you can enter the gift card code we send you to your email.

The Amazon Gift Card can be used in every country throughout the world. For instance, if you redeem a $25.00 Gift Card in Europe, $25.00 will be converted to Euros. You can also choose from multiplicity of denominations which are $10, $25, $50, $100